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Deposit Products

Find a deposit product to fit your needs.

Finding the right checking account is easier than you think at First Security Bank. We offer three checking and three saving account options, designed to make managing your finances easy.

Contact First Security Bank to switch your accounts from another financial institution. Simple, effortless, and fast!

Reorder checks anytime! 

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Fees and Charges

An overdraft fee of $30.00 will be charged per item for covering overdrafts created by check or draft, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.



Fees and Charges

A list of FSB's fees and charges
ACH Origination Fee (per File)


ATM Cash Withdrawal or Transfer at a Foreign ATM


Closed account Fee (within 90 days)


Collection Draft or Foreign Check


Debit Card Rush Order


Deposit Item Return – Business Account


Deposit Item Return – Consumer Account


Dormant Account Monthly Fee


Garnishment Fee


Insufficient Funds


Notary Service$5.00
Personal Money Order$1.00
Research (per hour)$35.00

Statement Reconciliation (per hour)


Stop Payment


Tax Levy fee


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